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© Peter Lutek, 2015
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the ice cream truck is abandoned
why does the light?


Peter Lutek - reeds, compositions
Tom Richards - trombone
Greg de Denus - piano
Dan Fortin - bass
Ethan Ardelli - drums

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photo: Jill Richards

ENGINE is an ensemble that draws upon two of the most powerful traditions in modern music. Rooted in the tradition of community and collectivity established by Charles Mingus, ENGINE is equally indebted to the playful need for experiment embodied by John Cage. The compositions by Peter Lutek performed here beckon us to broad, vast landscapes, while the improvisation explores yearning and anguish, exhilaration and comfort. A concert by ENGINE is an opportunity to explore truly fresh musical ideas and to experience jazz conceived and executed with a keen composerly intent. ENGINE offers a journey into soundscapes that travel well beyond the instruments by which they are created, exploring the interactions between our perception, our bodies, the spaces in which we live and play, and the places in which we listen and feel.

Indeed, ENGINE’s powerful vision is best expressed in their statement of purpose: “We are working with ENERGY here, and doing so with MATTER (our bodies and our musical tools). There is energic input, it is transformed through physical work, and the product is some sort of usable output. And sometimes it explodes.”

ENGINE’s debut CD, entitled START, was released February 25th, 2011 on the Pet Mantis Records label.

Buy START, the CD, here.
Buy digital downloads of the album or individual tracks here.